Main Features

Comfortable Ergonomic Techniques: Fully comply with ergonomic design, and adopt automobile luxurious independent seats, which totally coincide with the S curve of human body and optimize leg and ride spaces in order for spacious space and comfortable ride.
Stamping Integrative Lumber-core Container: Adopt whole rolling sideboard due to that the sideboard of the container is molded by one-shot stamping with high-density welding spots and small stress, and the strength of the container is more than two times as much as that of an ordinary welding container.
Extra-heavy Chassis & Leaf Spring: Newly optimize to design the whole vehicle, adopt straight girder welding frame manufacture by Foton’s special materials with high strength; to meet different demands, extra-heavy single damper, dual damper and triple damper all adopt the design of external spanning type leaf spring, which lowers the height of the whole vehicle largely, improves the driving stability, enlarges the auxiliary beam, lengthens the floor beam of the frame, improves the load capacity by more than 20% and creates the industry’s final chassis design.
Homemade Reinforced Rear Axle: Increase gear module design in order for more stable performance and to improve the load capacity by 15% compared with that of traditional rear axle. The rear axle in fourth gear, sixth gear, eighth gear and tenth gear has rich resources to meet different demands.

Technical parameters

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Technical parameters

loading capacity 2 tons
Overall dimensions of vehicle (mm) 4030*1500*1540
Overall dimensions of cargo (mm) 2500*1500*400
Rated power (hp) 20
Displacement ( ml) 1000
curb weight( kg) 1000
max speed(km/h) 49
tire size (F/R) 6.00-14/7.00-16
brake system Drum
brake system move:foot brake;stop:hand brake
Frame straight beam whole welding frame
Rear axle hydraulic semi floating
dump equipment Yes
color red/blue
optional the plank teat pipette/190 engine/handle bar

Product specifications

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