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Working efficiently

Equipped with Yuchai 125 HP common railengine, new design of intake and exhaust system and cooling system, strongpower, rocker type cooling water tank, independent cooling of intercoolingsystem, strong cooling capacity, no high temperature of engine;

The chassis system of the whole machinestrengthened, light weight, flexible steering, stable center of gravity, andthe maximum speed reaches 2.31m/s.

Good cleaning effect

With 2210mm long threshing cylinder, thethreshing area is large and the threshing separation effect is good.

It adopts two-stage, long step fingerscreen and three-stage structure end screen. The materials are evenly separatedand equipped with 1000mm wide cleaning screen. It has strong cleaning capacityand does not waste grain.


High Quality

With Lovol 1000 gearbox, it has strongbearing capacity, double support structure guide wheel, long guide rail, noteasy to derail, two-way floating ridge wheel, stable ridge crossing;

Adopt Japan Bando belt, NSK importedbearing, reliable quality, long service life;

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Service support

    Service hotline:+86 400 8656865 (0086-400-TO-LOVOL)
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