Main Features

1. It is equipped with fore and rear oleo damper, which effectively improve the riding comfort of the complete vehicle;
2. It adopts large-hub rear double footbrake, which is characterized by excellent braking and safety performance, light brake and low noise;
3. It is equipped with 48V12Ah maintenance-free lead-acid batteries and 48V500W brushless digital inverter-fed motor, which are characterized by strong power and long full charge endurance;
4. It is equipped with the folding passenger-cargo dual-purpose container and accompanying armrest; and the battery holder, which can be taken out for charging independently, features convenience, safety and reliability.

Technical parameters

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Technical parameters

Overall dimension of tricycle(L*W*H)(mm) 2200*830*1120
Loading capacity (kg) 150
Weight (kg) 112
Wheel base (mm) 1520
Continuous travel (km) ≥35
Tire size 18*2.125
Max speed(km/h) ≤27
Model Maintenance-free LSA battery
Capacity(Ah) 20
Longevity Charging 500 times
Voltage(v) 48
Type Electromotor brushless
Rated output power(W) 500
Power consumption of every charging(kW.h) 1.1
Charging current 2.5A
Charging time 6-8hours
Qty in 20/40HQ(unit) 16/51
Color Red/Yellow/Green/Silevry
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Product specifications

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